Dott Alessandro Caboni


Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica
Specialista in Chirurgia Maxillo-Facciale

Sede Legale: Via Raffaello Sanzio,36- Milano

Education and Training
1979 High school diploma from Vittorio Veneto High School
1985 Master’s degree and qualification with honours in medicine and surgery from the University of Milan-Italy
1986 License Mariscuolasan for medicine assistant in decompressor chamber
1986 Registration n° 26270 to the order of doctors of Milan- Officer training at the military medical school with certification as a capable and competent medical officer in the navy
1987 Assistant professor in the surgery and emergency ward at theMaddalena Hospital
1988 Head of the infirmary in the Naval Accademy
1988 Course in emergency medicine in the University of Milan
1989 Course in Cervic-Maxillary Facial Surgery at the Italian Stomatological Institute
1991 Refresher course in Esthetic Plastic Surgery at S.Venero Foundation
1992 Theory and practice course in Orthognatic Surgery
1992 Degree with honours with a speciality in Maxillary-Facial-Surgery at the University of Milan
1993 In service training for Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in the Department of Cranial-Facial Surgery at the Civil Hospital of Mexico City and the Clinic of Los Angeles
1994 First category course in the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation
1995 International practice course in Endoscopic Surgery in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Liege
1995 Theory and practice course in the use of Tebbets mammary proteses
1996 International course in Plastic Esthetic Surgery at the Planas Clinic of Barcellona
1997 Theory and practice course in Vesalius Cervic –Facial Surgery in the department of Anatomy at Brussels University
1998 Theory and practice course in plastic surgery of the nose held by Professor Aiach
1998 Theory and practice course in reconstruction of the auricular pavillion held by Professor Nagata
1998 Active collaborationist of the Biotechnological Research Center Ispra: worldwide patent holder for mandibular osteo-distractor
2000 Theory and practice course in advanced lifting held by Professor Bill Little
2000 Theory and practice course in advanced lifting held by Professor Fuente del Campo
2000 Theory and practice course in advanced lifting held by Professor Trepsat
1994-2000 Plastic Surgery and Maxillary consultant with Professor Riccardo Mazzola at the Treviglio Hospital
2001 Procurement of speciality in Recostructive and Esthetic Plastic Surgery


Working Experience
1987 Assistant Hospital Professor in the Surgery Department and Emergency Ward, and vigilating doctor in turn at the Maddalena Civil Hospital
1988 Health service employee in the Naval Accademy
1994 Plastic Surgery assistant professor in S.Maria of Leuca private clinic Rome
1994-2000 Plastic Surgery and Maxillary-Facial Surgery assistant consultant in Treviglio Civil Hospital
1996-1998 Consultant in material for the Biotechnological Research Center ISPRA
1999-2004 Chief consultant of Unimedica Plastic Surgery Center and Polispecialistic De Angeli Center
2004-2014 Chief consultant of Plastic Aestethic Surgery Center Raffaello


English fluent spoken and written
Spanish fluent spoken and written
German scholastic
French scholastic