Lipofilling is a technique used to fill natural folds of the body in which the presence of skin depressions creates beauty flaws.

The treatment provides the aspiration of excess fat from the body of the patient and injected in areas needing filler treatment.

Before intervention

After intervention

Intervention process

With a thin cannula that aims for the quantity necessary and then centrifuged with a special device in such a way as to obtain a number of fat cells very well.
At this point, always using small fat needles is injected into the receiving area.

Which results expect from lipofilling

Generally, the results are very good. Sometimes you can have irregularities which are due to the normal process of shedding fat assessed as a percentage of 30%.

Possible risks and complications

The risks and complications of lipofilling are rare and grow with the amount of fat taken.
Generally, the complications are more sustained through an infection which is very rare. 

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