What can make a labioplasty

The normal aging process can also alter slowly across the area of small labias that can appear relaxed more or less. Sometimes instead may be for congenital or hypertrophic reasons. This situation can lead to incidents more or less accentuated that may occur with feelings of uneasiness when, for example, practicing sports like cycling or riding. In extreme cases, you can produce lacerations or infections.

The labioplasty removing excess skin and mucous restores harmony and comfort. The intervention can be performed in combination with other rejuvenation of the female genitalia such as vulvar lift, the transplantation of pubic hair, the narrowing of the vagina, or hymenoplasty.

What is a labioplasty

During a labioplasty removal with the scalpel excess of skin and mucosa. The amount of skin removed is measured with precision to get a result symmetrical on both labias.

What to expect from a labioplasty

The surgery to small labias leaves a fine scar barely visible in the natural fold of them. The action does not affect the color or the thickness of the skin or sensitivity.

Anesthesia and hospitalization

This intervention can be performed safely in the day surgery of your plastic surgeon. There will be performed with local anesthesia injection just perceptible directly on tissues to treat. If you want you can associate anesthesia with a sedative, which helps you relax to a state of dream. Immediately after the intervention you could go home accompanied.

Those who choose for personal reasons general anesthesia must calculate the shelter in the clinic and make necessary visits and the interview with the anesthetist the day before. Pay attention that general anesthesia always involves more risk.

Precautions before intervention

To minimize the risks and complications observed closely the directions of your surgeon both before and after the procedure.

Tell him if ever suffer from allergies or other chronic diseases. If you are bruising easily or bleed excessively in the case of small wounds will take several tests to rule out problems of your blood to clot.

Are contraindicated painkillers such aspirin during the two weeks preceding the intervention because their active ingredient interferes with blood clotting and can cause excessive bleeding. It’s better to avoid alcohol and sleeping pills

How to prepare

Get tablets and two or three small items refrigerants. Before the surgery use detergents for hygiene.

Try to get rested and possibly not during the menstrual cycle.
The night before is good to take the antibiotic tablets that will be indicated by your surgeon.

How is running the intervention

Before the surgeon track with a paint fine lines of engraving to obtain optimum results. Then you run for local anesthesia then proceed to the removal of excess skin with great delicacy and precision. The excess fat that showed any unsightly swelling is removed.
With a wire-thin and invisible externally the incisions are then sutured. The intervention takes about 1 hour.

What happens after surgery

Immediately after the intervention should expect swelling more or less accentuated that resorbs after 1-2 days. You can remove any blood along the suture lines with cotton soaked in a physiological solution.

Around the labia, minora arise small edema that tends to disappear within a week.
The wire suture will be removed after about 5 days.
The scars will be reduced to thin lines once or not at all visible after about 8 days.

Possible complications

Bleeding is extremely rare but can be 1 or 2 days after the procedure.
In patients who have difficulty healing, the suture lines may appear reddened and rough for several weeks. In this case, the surgeon can recommend the appropriate treatment.

Precautions after surgery

Do not use creams the week following the intervention but only disinfectants for local hygiene.
It’s to avoid sex for at least 10 days thereafter.  

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