Plastic surgery is divided into two major subgroups: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery

Reconstructive surgery handles all cases of congenital malformations or secondary deformations due to accidents or illness. The actions are intended to restore as much as possible, both the form and functionality of body parts that have been affected.

The cosmetic surgery instead corrects defects of ones appearance of the exterior outlook.
It is important to note that because cosmetic surgery is not necessary for good health in general, it may contribute significantly to improving the quality of life of a person, giving the individual a better image for himself and for others a higher self-esteem.

A psychological motivation that pushes more people to take small or large cosmetic surgery approach can be for seen in within our society towards the concept of beauty associated with youth.

For youth it becomes an important aspect, for example at work to feel more confident about oneself, after a difficult period, or simply to align its appearance that one feels inside.

Today not only women want to improve their image, though figures show that increasingly men are turning to plastic surgery as well.

Attention, however we must not exaggerate with the expectations placed on plastic surgery: it can improve your appearance and thus act on your psychological well-being, but if your dissatisfaction stems from deeper problems, plastic surgery may not be right for you. There are also possible risks and complications

On this site, you will find excessive explanations and presentation of the major cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, the price and the cost of interventions and photos before and after intervention or pre-and post-surgery.