The Surgery

The Surgery

Before and after photographs

For each intervention, there are photographs of pre-and post surgeries. Through these images, you can highlight the improvement achieved through an intervention, and assess directly the results that can be obtained. Of course, remember, that each patient is diverse from others and presents a problem or a defect that is not always the same. Consequently, the final result after the intervention may vary depending on the individual patient.

Where interventions are run and anesthesia

Cosmetic surgery can be practiced in different types of techniques depending on the type of intervention.
Usually, you choose a clinic or a private outpatient procedure.
In many cases, just local anesthesia is given that numbs the affected area. Sometimes you can associate this type of anesthesia with a sedative, which relaxes you during the whole procedure.
The more demanding the procedure is, the more likely it requires a general anesthetic.
And after the pain is treated by drug painkillers.

After Care

Your surgeon will inform you of any precautions that you may face during this period.
Depending on the type of intervention, you may be advised against such; heavy physical activities, exposure to the sun, or taking certain drugs.
Generally, final expected results are seen after all bruising and swelling have been completely reduced.
Some surgeries do lead to final results, such as the correction of the nose, ear, or chin. In other cases, particularly after the rejuvenation process, the results can last more or less, but will never be permanent.

Prices list

The cost of operations may vary depending on the importance of such elements:

  • The experience and skill of the plastic surgeon
  • The cost and quality of materials used during the intervention
  • The structure or the clinic where you run the intervention (clinic, day-hospital, or outpatient)
  • The staff that supports the plastic surgeons and aesthetic intervention (ex. anesthetist, etc.)
  • Type, difficulty, and duration of the intervention.

The cost of the interventions to each patient depends on the type of intervention it requires.
The costs and terms of the payment are discussed with the surgeon before the operation.

Usually, insurance does not cover the costs of aesthetic surgery, being non-essential to health. But there are cases where physical defects may lead to more serious problems, such as oversized breasts that causes pain and prevents freedom of movement. In these cases, it is possible for reimbursement from your insurance.