If the degree of relaxation of the tissues is not very high you can consider using a very modern equipment Fractora the most advanced treatment for skin resurfacing with bipolar fractional radio-frequency. It is a new technology that emits a bipolar radio frequency through a series of electrodes within an area of ablation variable from 100 microns to 1 mm of the skin. Depending on the area to be treated there are different types of heads used for the different parts of the body. Skin retraction is immediate and lasts for the next six months giving rise to a true tissue lifting without risk of burning or tissue distortion .The gentle heating of the subdermal tissue promotes collagen restructuring due to the deep treatment effect. As a secondary thermal effect there is the production of collagen fibers in the following 6 months further increasing the result obtained. The operation is performed with local anesthesia using a special ointment or loco-regional anesthesia.

What type of imperfections can be treated with FRACTORA?

Usually be treated all kinds of patients with low but not excessive sagging skin of all body areas where you would perform minor surgical procedures such as:

  • Mini-face lift or neck
  • Mini tummy tuck for ptosis abdominal skin light
  • Mastopexy for gynecomastia light
  • Mini-fting thighs or arms to ptosis of the skin surface light skin
  • The recovery in society it's almost immediate.

How to prepare themselves to the treatment

Communicate to your surgeon if you suffer from allergies or other chronic diseases. If there are bruises with ease or if you bleed excessively in case of minor injuries will need to have tests to rule out difficulties of your blood to clot. Painkillers are contraindicated like aspirin during the two weeks preceding the treatment because their active ingredients interfere with blood clotting and can cause excessive bleeding.

How is the treatment performed

Before treatment, the plastic surgeon decides how to reshape the flabby areas, drawing with a marker of isometric lines. After you apply previously an anesthetic cream one hour before or in special cases injected a liquid containing local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors that reduce bleeding in the treatment area, we proceed with the special handpiece to the edmission of a radio frequency wave. With precise sequential movements, the surgeon releases the energy to the tissues evenly, depending on the amount. A skin retraction at this stage can last from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The area is then medicated with moisturizer specifications.

How many treatments should be conducted?

Typically, there are between 2 to 5 treatments according to the degree of relaxation and the specific head used

What happens after the treatment

Immediately after the procedure, you have to expect slight swelling and redness. These symptoms subside within a few days. The final result will be evaluated not before 6 months after the last session.

Possible risks and complications

The risks and complications of treatment with radiofrequency Fractora are rare and grow with the delicacy of the skin Fitzpatrick 4/5. After treatment might be a roughness to the touch in the treated areas. The intervention is not recommended in cases of diabetes, poor circulation, heart problems, or susceptibility to keloid or in case the area to be treated has had an operation recently.

Precautions after surgery

It.s very important to avoid exposure to the sun or make saunas or swimming after surgery, to avoid possible complications. Normally you feel physically fit almost immediately after the operation. The recovery time is very personal and depends on the entity of intervention. . Also avoid massage with creams or oils.

Before intervention

After intervention

Before intervention

After intervention

Before intervention

After intervention

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