A protruding chin can make a disharmonious face. Today it is possible to intervene surgically on the shape of the chin in different ways.

The intervention involves the placement of small silicone implants in the front of the chin thus correcting the line of the profile. The alternative is represented by a genioplasty in which the orthopaedic bone section of the bottom of the chin allows it to move forward.

In the case of the application of a prosthesis, local anesthesia and the intervention is performed at your doctors office. If you decide to opt for an orthopaedic progress solution, the intervention is necessary to be carried out under general anesthesia.

Before intervention

After intervention


Good oral hygiene is necessary to avert the danger of infections since the oral environment is not sterile.

How the intervention runs

In the case of the positioning of a prosthesis, an incision is made inside the lower lip and, after having taken out the tissue from the jaw bone, the prosthesis is inserted, and then proceeding to close the pocket created for the prosthesis itself.
In rare cases, we proceed as we had said before the resection of the jaw segment corresponding to the chin and its moving and fixing through screws and micro-plates oriented to the stabilization of the fracture.

What happens after the intervention

Usually one has the formation of a haematoma post-surgery that remains for about a week You must be careful in eating and to avoid breaking points of suture that are subject to tension during healing.

Possible complications

Complications are rare, it is the danger of infection due to the fact that the area is not a sterile environment.

Precautions after the intervention

It’s highly important to maintain the area with the highest hygiene through the use of a gargle of chlorhexidine and to avoid trauma or excessive stretch of the lower lip. 

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