Laser rejuvenation for early wrinkles

Laser Rejuvenation For Early Wrinkles


The procedure for facial rejuvenation is divided into two groups: invasive and non-invasive.

The invasive procedures are mainly those that use the CO2 laser with a wavelength of 10060 nanometres and Yag laser Erbium by 2094 nanometres.

Considering that water is the human constituent, the energy applied and generated by a laser creates an immediate vaporization of the epidermis and dermis papillary. The final result of using similar Lasers is highly variable and depends on ' aggressiveness of the treatment of the skin that after having suffered damage faces a healing process that generates a new layer of collagen and reshaped finely.

Although the excellent results obtained from similar procedures, this kind of beauty treatments that covered 70% of facial rejuvenation treatments has been reduced to a 30% because of the healing period that can last from six months to a year.

The non-invasive procedure used by us also cause damage at the papillary dermis but the mechanism adopted allows the laser to overrule the skin without damage.

The wavelengths used in our study support the use of two lasers: Neodymium 1320 nm, Neodymium 1064nm and KTP 532 nm whose main chromospheres for both equipment is the water, the haemoglobin and the “ossiemoglobina”.

Our procedure allows to get a deeper effect than with the CO2 Laser or with the Herbium without damage to the surface tissue. It’s obvious that every type of laser has its own mode of operation but the general idea is precisely to create a compression of deeper layers of skin that after having suffered damage are encouraged to produce new collagen.

In the study proposed by us, we tried to introduce the use two different equipments Lyra 1032 nm and 532 nm Aura of Laser scope which have been used together or separately.

These facilities as stated above create a sort of damage to dermal level without affecting the surface layers of skin.

In other words skin resurfacing with CO2 Laser type or Herbium, the mechanism of operation at bio cellular was not yet fully known. It’s likely that the optical absorption by the target skin and stimulates secretion of growth factors which in after inducing the formation of extra cellular matrix. Given this assumption that shows that the stimulation of atoms it stimulates the healing processes leading to the same effect on wrinkles.

At about 5 months we have treated 117 patients divided into three groups with the presence of wrinkles from moderate to deep and photo types Fitzpatrick from 1 to 4.

During our treatment we have taken as a reference zone to treat wrinkles lip superior. All patients were treated on one side only to have the other half as a control.

We first tested a reference group comprising 20 people with characteristics photo type Fitzpatrick 1 and 2 and 15 people with photo type 3 and 4 using only the Aura Laser KTP 532 nm power between 7 and 9 joule/cm2 with pulses of about 30 milliseconds using a 4mm fibre.

The number of treatments performed for each patient was from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 with a time interval of about 3-4 weeks between a treatment and others.

It’s been tested and then a second group of 20 people with photo type 1 and 2 and 22 people with photo type 3 and 4 using the only Laser Lyra 1064 nm with power and always 27Joule/cm2 pulses and 30 milliseconds by using a 10 mm fibre.

And finally third group where they were combined, 20 people with photo type 1 -2 and 20 people with photo type 3 to 4, methods and above doses of both equipment under consideration.

Laser treatment of melanosis and broken capillaries and small tumours.

The procedure we have adopted provides treatment in one or more sessions depending on the amount of injuries through the combined use of two laser Aura and Lyra who are able to cover a broad spectrum of action both on vases and on venous vessels arterial.