Permanent depilation

Permanent Depilation


Our Laser equipment is now the most innovative hair removal for the final.

This laser works with maximum protection for your skin, possessing a special cooling system for the surrounding skin.
If many depilation laser ensures positive results only to patients with clear skin and dark hair, the unit we use is effective even in patients with different types of skin avoiding the frequent problems de-pigmentation of the skin of Laser common market.
The NdYag Laser allows the treatment of large areas with a permanent effective and painless.

How it works

The laser uses Lyra laws fibre optical activity. Make use the fact the stem of hair as a fibre optic gets inside the skin up to hit the hair bulb, where releases all its heat selectively burning new developing cells. One treatment provides at least 5 sittings as the hair may be in various stages of the growth. Obvious to know the condition of each individual hair treatment must be repeated several times approximately one month a session of the other in order to obtain the optimal result.

Precautions for first intervention

Before Laser treatment is important to check with your surgeon the specific injury or part to be treated to avoid unpleasant results or complications. Skin that is very dark or tanned, absolutely must not be treated to prevent de-pigmentation of cute. Who experienced the presence of hypertrophy skin reactions they are not good candidates for this treatment.

Precautions after the intervention

It is advised to avoid exposing oneself to the sun for 4 weeks after the procedure and protect yourself with a high sun protection especially in the summer months.

Possible complications

If you follow closely the recommendations of the surgeon, complications are extremely rare. The most frequent complication is the de-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation of the skin that most often is a reversible condition.